Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council


Salehurst & Robertsbridge is one of the larger parishes in East Sussex and lies mid-way between Tunbridge Wells to the north and Hastings to the south on the main London to Hastings road, the A21.


The parish is entirely contained within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


More information about the history and organisation of the parish can be found at About the Parish.

Latest News


POSTPONED - Parish Council Meeting
18th November 2016



The Parish Council Meeting scheduled for 21st November has been postponed, in order to finalise the next stage of the Neighbourhood Plan for signing off by the Council.


A new date (in early December) will be announced as soon as possible.


Karen Ripley

Clerk to the Council


Mobile Library dates to Jun 17


The Mobile Library visits George Hill every 3rd Thursday, between 09:45 and 10:15. See article for dates.


See full article


Draft Neighbourhood Plan - Regulation 14 Consultation
20th October 2016


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been working for 20 months on ideas for our Neighbourhood Plan and they have now produced the first full draft.


The Parish Council is now four weeks into its formal 6 week (Reg.14) consultation and we would appreciate your comments on it.


The formal notice, draft plan and all the associated documents, including how to make comments, can be seen on the Neighbourhood Plan website.




Vehicle Crime


Recently there have been some vehicle break-ins locally - the Neighbourhood Policing Team recommend taking the following precautions (see article).


See full article


Dog matters in Salehurst & Robertsbridge
12th April 2016


There are three different Dog Control Orders that apply to us in Salehurst & Robertsbridge. The first is on 'Dog Fouling', requiring dog faeces to be cleared up, and applies to all places in the parish that are used by the public; the second is the requirement to keep 'dogs on a lead' and the third is 'Dog Exclusion', whereby dogs are banned completely from certain places.



The only place in the parish that dogs are specifically required to be on a lead is in the Recreation Ground; the only place they are banned completely is the enclosed play area in the Recreation Ground (in fact all enclosed playgrounds in Rother).


In many areas, dogs are completely excluded from entire recreation and/or sports grounds, but the Parish Council chose not to include our Recreation Ground in this Order, preferring the less restrictive (but harder to enforce) order to keep dogs on a lead. This was not an anti dog decision, it was a pro dog decision.


There were many calls for a total ban, for two main reasons. The first was to prevent nuisance to other users, children and adults, who should be free to enjoy the facilities without dogs running about - we frequently had football matches disrupted by over enthusiastic dogs, but of greater concern, numerous incidents of children being chased by dogs whilst playing, not necessarily unfriendly ones, but not all children like dogs, particularly ones they don't know.


The second was to deal with the persistent problem of dog mess, as we all know that a small minority of dog owners are not considerate or responsible and refuse to clear up after their dog (whether on a lead or not, but we have many witnessed examples of very responsible dog walkers who have 'missed' the event because their dog has run ahead, or lagged behind). The only way to ensure no dog mess is to ban dogs completely.


But the Council did not want to do this. It was mindful of the fact that many people, including families with children, like to take their dog with them on a trip to the Rec. Also, dog walkers can provide a valuable, frequent adult presence, helping to keep our children safe. So the decision was made that requiring dogs to be on a lead was an appropriate compromise for an area provided for play and sport.

None of our other public spaces are included in the Order and, in addition to those areas we have a very good network of public footpaths where dogs can be walked.


So please understand and respect that the Recreation Ground is provided for recreational activities for all two legged residents, but not for dogs - although they are welcome to accompany their humans if kept on a lead at all times (and cleaned up after if necessary).


Forthcoming Events


Planning Committee Meeting
1st December 2016



There will be a Planning Committee Meeting on Thursday 1st December 2016 at Robertsbridge Youth Centre at 7.30pm.


The press and public are welcome to attend and up to 15 minutes will be allowed at the start of the meeting for public comments and questions.


The agenda for the meeting will be available on the 'Council Meetings' page three days prior.