Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council

Grants & Donations

Grants & Donations awarded by the Parish Council to local groups/organisations
Financial YearDate approvedAmount £RecipientMinute ref.
23/2418/9/23£100Rob. Enterprise Group (Christmas Capers road closure)23/24-70cii
23/2418/9/23£100Rob. Bonfire Society road closure 18/11/2323/24-70cii
23/2431/08/23280Salehurst School Association (RobFest 2023)23/24-50c
23/2422/01/24£500Robertsbridge Club (towards insulation)23/24-111b
22/2303/10/22516Robertsbridge Breastfeeding Group22/23-60ciii
22/2320/03/23100Ukranian Guests Easter Lunch22/23-119iv
22/2320/03/23200Helping Hands (Warm Space Project)22/23-119ciii
22/2320/3/23200Community Rail Line (Robertsbridge)22/23-119cii
22/2330/1/23100Helping Hands (Warm Space project)22/23-101ciii
22/2318/7/22£100Robertsbridge Enterprise Group 22/23 - 42
21/2215/11/21£100Robertsbridge Enterprise Group21/22-78cii
21/2215/11/21£1000Robertsbridge Children Services21/22-78ci
21/2219/7/21£100Soap Box Derby (not used)21/22-36bii
21/2221/3/22£260Robertsbridge Repair Cafe21/22-147b
21/225/5/21£200Helping Hands (Incredible Edible)21/22-12b
21/2219/7/21£1001066 Community Rail Line 21/22 - 36bi
20/2118/1/21£400Robertsbridge Breastfeeding Group20/21-101/h
20/2129/3/21£250Robertsbridge Arts Partnership119b-vi
20/2129/3/21£100Robertsbridge W.I.119b-ix
20/2129/3/21£150Robertsbridge Scout Group119b-iii
20/2129/3/21£250Robertsbridge Cricket Club119b-i
19/2016/3/20£150Robertsbridge Youth Group2769/3/b
19/2016/9/19100.00REG - Road Closure for Xmas Capers2719/3
19/2015/7/19300.001st Robertsbridge Scout Group2701/3/a
18/1918/3/19£200.00Blackshed Gallery - community art workshops2651/3/b
18/1916/7/18£100.00REG - Road Closure for Xmas Capers2586/3/a
18/1921/5/18£150.001st Robertsbridge Scout Group2560/3/a
17/1818/9/17£2,604.00Salehurst Charities2483/5
17/1818/09/17£100.00REG - road closure for Xmas Capers2482/3
17/1815/05/17£150.001st Robertsbridge Scout Group2440/3/b
16/1720/03/17£1358.00Robertsbridge Community College - Living Garden project2419/3/a
16/1710/10/16£100.00REG - road closure for Xmas Capers2382/2
16/1716/5/16£100.00Robertsbridge Bonfire Society - for road closure 19/11/162327/3/a
15/1621/03/16£150.001st Robertsbridge Scout Group2306/5/a
15/1618/01/16£1000.00Robertsbridge Community Association - towards Hall refurb. Phase 22292/7
15/1620/07/15£100.00REG - road closure for Xmas Capers2248/6
15/1618/05/15£150.00Youth Graffiti Project - Phase 22225/3/c
15/1618/05/15£150.00Robertsbridge United Football Club - for Youth Coaching Award2225/3/b
15/1618/05/15£100.00Robertsbridge Bonfire Society - for road closure 21/11/152225/3/a
14/1516/03/15£1000.00Robertsbridge Community Association - towards Hall refurbishment2201/3
14/1517/11/14£50.00Robertsbridge Community College - Seniors Xmas Party2170/3/b
14/1515/09/14£100.00Robertsbridge Bonfire Society - for road closure2150/3/a
14/1521/07/14£100.00REG - road closure for Xmas Capers2134/3
14/1519/05/14£150.00Robertsbridge United Football Club - for Youth Coaching Award2120/3
13/1417/03/14£250.00Robertsbridge Cricket Club - towards a new roller2097/3
13/1416/09/13£100.00REG - road closure for Xmas Capers2046/4
13/1416/09/13£50.00Robertsbridge Community College - Seniors Xmas Party2046/3
13/1422/07/13£145.00Robertsbridge United Football Club - for Youth Coaching Award2030/3
12/1318/03/13£250.00FLAIR - Youth Festival of the Arts1993/4
12/1318/03/13£100.00Robertsbridge Bonfire Society - for road closure1993/3
12/1303/12/12£50.00Robertsbridge Community College - Seniors Xmas Party1961/4
12/1317/09/12£100.00REG - road closure for Xmas Capers1947/3




Grants & Donations awarded by the Parish Council to other* groups/organisations (* not parish based, but benefit our residents)
Financial YearDate approvedAmount £RecipientMinute ref.
23/2420/11/23£400Battle Area Community Transport23/24-89c
23/2422/1/24£250St Michael's Hospice (nominated by Darvell)23/24-112
22/2303/10/22150Rural Rother Trust22/23-60ci
22/2320/3/23£300KSS Air Ambulance22/23-119ci
21/2221/3/22£300Kent & Sussex Air Ambulance 21/22, 136b
21/2228/2/22£150Community Rail Line21/22, 112b
19/2016/3/20£250Kent & Sussex Air Ambulance2769/3/d
19/2016/3/20£200.00Pett Level Rescue Boat2769/3/c
19/2018/11/19£150.00Battle Area Community Transport2736/3/b
19/2018/11/19150.00Rural Rother Trust2736/3/a
18/1919/11/18£150.00Rural Rother Trust2616/3/b
18/1919/11/18£150.00Battle Area Community Transport2616/3/a
18/1916/7/18£150.00British Legion Robertsbridge Branch - Great Pilgrimage 90 (GP90)2586/3/b
18/1921/5/18£150.00KSSAT - Air Ambulance2560/3/b
17/1820/11/17£150.00Rural Rother Trust2498/3/b
17/1820/11/17£150.00Battle Area Community Transport - towards running costs2498/3/a
17/1815/05/17£150.00Hurst Green First Responders2440/3/a
16/1720/03/17£150.00KSSAAT - Air Ambulance2419/3/b
16/1715/12/16£150.00Rural Rother Trust2388/4/c
16/1715/12/16£150.00Rural Rother Citizens Advice Bureau - towards running costs2388/4/b
16/1715/12/16£150.00Battle Area Community Transport - towards running costs2388/4/a
15/1621/03/16£125.00Rural Rother Trust2306/5/b
15/1616/11/15£200.00Rural Rother Citizens Advice Bureau - towards running costs2278/7
15/1616/11/15£125.00Battle Area Community Transport - towards running costs2278/7
14/1519/01/15£200.00Rural Rother Citizens Advice Bureau - towards running costs2186/3
14/1517/11/14£250.00Battle Area Community Transport - towards new bus2170/3/a
14/1515/09/14£150.00KSSAAT - Air Ambulance2150/3/c
14/1515/09/14£125.00Rural Rother Trust2150/3/b
13/1420/01/14£125.00Battle Area Community Transport - towards running costs2082/3
13/1418/11/13£100.00Rural Rother Trust2068/3
12/1303/12/12£100.00Battle Area Community Transport - towards running costs1961/5
12/1317/09/12£100.00Rural Rother Trust1947/4




Grants & Donations awarded to the Parish Council
Financial YearAmountFromReasonMinute ref.
22/23£19,370.20South East Water Community Chest FundIn compensation for extended loss of water supplies during the year. Fund set up to compensate communities. Used to fund playground upgrades / equipment.22/23-120
22/23£250Rother District CouncilJubilee Event Grant22/23 - 12f
19/20£200Robertsbridge Arts PartnershipContribution towards a replacement oak information board for the Jubilee Garden. 
17/18£1,272.67Rother District CouncilCouncil Tax Reduction Scheme (Final year of scheme)2403/5
16/17£2543.33Rother District CouncilCouncil Tax Reduction Scheme2292/6
16/17£4000.00LocalityTowards costs of producing Neighbourhood Plan 
15/16£250.00Action in Rural Sussex (AiRS) via Robertsbridge Enterprise Group (REG)Contribution towards Christmas Lighting project (lights in tree in Station Road)2296/1
15/16£3000.00Darvell CommunityTowards ground works at Recreation Ground entrance (Pledged - to be paid on approval of quote)2277/8
15/16£2994.51Rother District CouncilCouncil Tax Reduction Scheme2186/5
15/16£4000.00LocalityTowards costs of producing Neighbourhood Plan 
14/15£3522.95Rother District CouncilCouncil Tax Reduction Scheme2082/5
12/13£4926.00Awards for AllAdult outdoor Exercise equipment at the Recreation Ground1963/3