Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council


Nick Brown
Re-elected 2nd May 2019
Chairman01580 389159Register of Interests
Sean O'Hara
Re-elected 2nd May 2019
Vice Chairman01580 881234Register of
Gillian Branford
Elected 2nd May 2019
Councillor07802 520 599Register of Interests
Larraine Miles
Co-opted 16/9/19 537000 
Roger Palamarczuk
Re-elected 2nd May 2019
Councillor01580 880639Reg. of
Mandy Purdie
Co-opted 20/5/19
Resigned 11/9/19   
Gillian Smith
Re-elected 2nd May 2019
Councillor01580 880810
(shop 882265)
Reg. of
Paul Smith
Co-opted 20/5/19
Resigned 12/9/19   
David Todd
Elected 2nd May 2019
Councillor07855 955 636 
Sue ProchakRother District Councillor01580 881309 
Angharad DaviesEast Sussex County Councillor01580 831969 





Cemetery:The Chairman or Vice Chairman, Gillian Smith, Roger Palamarczuk
Planning: Nick Brown; Sean O'Hara; Mandy Purdie; Gillian Smith; Paul Smith




Working Groups

Finance Working GroupResponsible Financial Officer (Clerk), Chairman (Nick Brown); Sean O'Hara; David Todd
Amenities Working Group
Roger Palamarczuk, David Todd
General Purposes GroupChairman (Nick Brown); Vice Chairman (Sean O'Hara); Gillian Branford, Mandy Purdie
Summer Event Group
(Includes non-council members)
To be discussed at September Parish Council Meeting

Car Park Working Group
(Includes non-council members)
Clerk, Chairman (Nick Brown), Gillian Branford, David Todd
Non-Council: Rother District Cllr Sue Prochak
Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Group
(Includes non-council members)
Council: Clerk; Gillian Branford; Sean O'Hara; Roger Palamarczuk
Non Council: Ruth Hardy; Xand Church; Tamara Strapp; Carolyn Clout




Lead Councillors

Crime and Disorder:Roger Palamarczuk, Paul Smith
Youth MattersCurrently vacant




Representatives to Outside Bodies

Robertsbridge Arts Partnership:Gillian Branford
Robertsbridge Community AssociationGillian Smith
Robertsbridge Enterprise Group:David Todd
Rother Association of Local Councils:Clerk, Gillian Branford
Salehurst Charities:Clerk, Gillian Smith
Tree Wardens:Caroline Knight; Gillian Smith
East Sussex Association of Local CouncilsRoger Palamarczuk, David Todd


Contact details


Clerk to the Council: Karen Ripley (Mrs)

Assistant Clerk: Gill Colquhoun (Mrs)


The Parish Office

Youth Centre, George Hill


East Sussex TN32 5AP


Telephone 01580 882066




Office opening times


The Parish Office is open to the public:


TUESDAYS 14:00-16:00

THURSDAYS 14:00-16:00

Other times by appointment