Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council

Salehurst Cemetery, Beech House Lane

Not to be confused with the Churchyard at St Mary's Church, which is owned and managed by the Church.


Salehurst Cemetery- covering the civil Parish of Salehurst & Robertsbridge - is situated in Beech House Lane, approximately 600 yards NW of the Church (TN32 5PN). It covers just under an acre, with approximately 600 grave spaces and is a 'Lawn Cemetery', meaning no grave mounds, no grave curbs, edgings or surrounds and headstones limited in size and type. It is managed (by the Parish Council) in a low-key way, in that it is not excessively manicured. It has a comfortable rural feel to it and offers a place for quiet contemplation. The Cemetery opened in 1960 when the Churchyard at St Mary's became full, to ensure residents would still have the option to be buried locally. Whilst a large part of the Cemetery is consecrated by the Church of England, one area is left un-consecrated to allow residents of other faiths, or no faith, a choice.


The Parish Council is a 'Burial Authority' in that it owns and manages the Cemetery, authorises burials within it and is responsible for completing and retaining the legal records (held at the Parish Office).


The land was originally gifted, taken back, then compulsorily purchased!! More details on the history can be seen here: history of Salehurst Cemetery.


All residents of Salehurst and Robertsbridge, regardless of any religion or faith, have a right to be buried in the Cemetery, on payment of the appropriate administrative fee. Non-residents may, at the discretion of the Cemetery Committee, be buried subject to the payment of double the standard fee. This is in order to preserve the limited space for residents but allow for discretion for those with very close ties to the village, one example being residents who have spent their last few years in a nursing home.


If you have never visited the cemetery, why not take a walk up there? It is a very tranquil and lovely spot, particularly on a sunny day and has some spectacular views.




Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations are shown below, for info, or can be downloaded as a PDF document here: Salehurst Cemetery Rules & Regulations


1. The right of interment in Salehurst Cemetery is exclusive to the residents of the Parish of Salehurst & Robertsbridge, upon payment of the appropriate fee as set out in the scale of fees. At the discretion of the Cemetery Committee, non residents may be interred in the Cemetery subject to payment of double the standard fee.


2. Exclusive right of burial is for a term of 50 years. Purchase of an exclusive right of burial in advance by non residents will only be considered where an immediate family member is interred in the Cemetery, and is at the discretion of the Cemetery Committee.


3. Purchasers or owners of exclusive right of burial cannot under any circumstances dispose of their rights to non residents, nor to residents without the consent of the Cemetery Committee.


4. All Notices of Interment shall be given to the Clerk at least three clear days before the proposed interment, exclusive of Sundays, Christmas Day, Good Friday and Bank Holidays (emergencies excepted).


5. All fees and charges must be paid to the Clerk on notice being given of an interment and before the notice is accepted.


6. The Registrars Certificate or Coroners Order or Cremation Certificate must be provided to the Clerk with the notice of interment before an interment takes place.


7. Prior to any subsequent interment in a grave in which the Exclusive Right of Burial has been purchased, the written consent of the owner or his/her personal representative must be obtained and given to the Clerk with the Notice of Burial.


8. All grave spaces will be allocated by the Clerk and will normally be in the next available plot.


9. A plan of the Cemetery showing the situation of each grave space will be kept by the Clerk.


10. All Funeral Directors will be required to provide the gravedigger and be responsible for the digging of the grave at the allotted site, and seeing that the earth and turf are replaced, and the grave site left in a tidy condition.


11. The hours of interment in the Cemetery will be between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday and between 10am and 11am on Saturdays. Interments will not be allowed on Sundays, Christmas Day, Good Friday or Bank Holidays, other than in cases where there are special reasons acceptable to the Clerk.


12. Up to two interments will be allowed in any grave space provided a double depth grave is requested with the notice of the first interment. Up to three interments of cremated remains will be allowed in graves where no subsequent coffin interments are to be made.


13. Interment of cremated remains will be limited to two in half plots and ashes plots.


14. No body will be permitted burial in any grave unless placed in a properly constructed coffin of wood or other perishable material. Only coffins of wood will be allowed for the first interment in a double depth grave.


15. A body shall not be interred in a grave in such a manner that any part of the coffin is at a depth of less than three feet below the level of the surface of the ground of the grave space, nor shall the cremated remains of a body be interred in a grave in such a manner that any part of the casket is at a depth of less than one foot below the level of the surface of the ground of the grave space.


16. A Register of Burials will be kept by the Clerk. Searches can be made and extracts provided upon payment of the prescribed fee, by appointment with the Clerk.


17. Care of wreaths and flowers is the responsibility of the relatives, but any dead or unsightly artificial flowers, or unsuitable containers, may be removed. Small shrubs, plants and flowers (but not trees) may be placed on any grave. The Cemetery Committee reserve the right to prune, cut down, dig up, and remove any of the shrubs, plants or flowers where in their opinion they have become unsightly or overgrown, or when necessary for the purpose of allowing the grave to be re-opened.


18. No mounds, kerbstones, raised edgings or enclosures will be permitted on any grave.


19. Memorials are only allowed on graves where an interment (body or cremated remains) has taken place. The consent of the Clerk shall be obtained before any memorial is erected or any inscription placed on a proposed or existing memorial. Such consent will only be given if the proposed memorial complies with the requirements of these regulations. Details of the form, material, dimensions and foundation of every memorial proposed, and the wording of all inscriptions, must be provided for approval. The Council will not be responsible for the costs of removal of any unauthorised memorial. Payment of the appropriate fee must be received with applications for approval.


20. Memorials consisting of Headstones must not exceed 3' high x 2'6" wide x 4" thick (2'6" high on half plots) and must be placed on a suitable concrete foundation which shall be wholly below ground level and must span the width of the grave (minimum 3' x 15" x 2" thick). Details of the foundation and fixing of any memorial shall be provided at the time of seeking consent. Only flat tablets in polished granite 18" x 15" will be allowed on ashes plots and un-purchased graves.


21. Every memorial remains the responsibility of the owner and must be kept in safe repair at all times. The Cemetery Committee reserves the right to remove any stone, monument or memorial where the owners fail to comply with this regulation.


22. No memorial shall be removed from the Cemetery except with the consent of the Clerk.


23. No trees may be planted, or benches or other items placed in the Cemetery without the written permission of the Clerk.


24. Cycles and motorcycles must not be ridden in the Cemetery.


25. The Council reserves the right from time to time to make any alterations in the foregoing Rules and Regulations consistent with the Local Government Act 1972 and Local Authorities' Cemeteries Order 1977.


26. The penalties prescribed in the Local Authorities' Cemeteries Order 1977 and Criminal Damage Act 1971 for damaging the Cemetery or committing nuisances therein will be strictly enforced.



Appeals against the interpretation of these rules should be addressed to the Parish Clerk and will be decided by the Clerk and/or Chairman and one other member of the Cemetery Committee.





Cemetery Fees

These charges relate to residents of the Parish of Salehurst & Robertsbridge only. Charges for non-residents will be double unless the Council decides there are exceptional circumstances warranting standard charges.


The Cemetery Fees have recently been reviewed and can be seen in the following table. Alternatively, they can be downloaded as a PDF document here: Salehurst Cemetery Fees List 1/12/22


Burial PlotSingle or double (depth)
Upright headstone allowed
Half Plot (Cremated Remains)Up to two lots of ashes
Upright headstone allowed
Ashes Plot (Cremated Remains)Up to two lots of ashes
Flat tablet only allowed
Interment of Adults £200
Interment of Cremated RemainsIn Burial or Half Plot£125
Interment of Cremated RemainsIn Ashes Plot£75
Upright Headstone (to obtain approval)Including first inscription£125
Flat tablet on Ashes Plot
(Polished granite only) (to obtain approval)
Including first inscription£75
Additional Inscription (to obtain approval)Headstone or tablet£75
Fee for searching current Register £20
Fee for searching Archive Register £50



Any form of memorial must have the permission of the Parish Council.



Maximum 3' high x 2'6" wide x 4" thick permitted on burial plots.

Maximum 2'6" high on half plots.


Tablets for Ashes Plots

In polished granite only, size 18" x 15", lying flat (landscape orientation).



All enquiries and applications relating to the Cemetery should be made to the Clerk.