Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council

Governing Documents

Standing Orders

The current Standing Orders were approved by the Council on 16/3/20.


Financial Regulations

The current Financial Regulations were approved by the Council on 20/1/20



Code of Conduct


In 1995, in order to ensure high standards of conduct, the Committee for Standards in Public Life established the Seven Principles of Public Life . These apply to anyone who works as a public office-holder, including Parish Councillors.


Parish/Town Councils are required to establish a Code of Conduct. The Salehurst & Robertsbridge Parish Council Code of Conduct for Members 2012 is based on the Seven Principles; it can be seen here.


The Seven Principles of Public Life were reviewed and updated in 2013; they can be seen here.


Registration of Interests


Under the Code of Conduct, Members (Councillors) are required to register their 'Disclosable Pecuniary Interests' and 'Other Interests' as outlined in Appendix A and B of the Code, within 28 days of becoming a Member.


To view a Councillors Register of Interests go to the Councillors section of the Contact us page.



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